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 Welcome to my Patreon page. My name is John, or better known as Blaines.

You may know me from my Youtube glory days where we soared playing Breath of the Wild, and those of you who do have stuck with me through the ups and downs of my youtube career and my big move to Japan where I am building a happy and successful life. 

But I am returning to Patreon for a very important reason.

I just found out (on 20/02/2019) that my family back in Ireland is officially homeless. They have been unable to pay for the house for the past 6 years and this fact was kept a secret from me and my two sisters. As it turns out, as of now my family do not own the house and are facing €800,000 debt. BUT, they are pursuing a deal with the bank in court to pay off €100,000 lump sum and additional monthly payments thereafter to be able to keep the house. As for the back story to this problem, in Ireland this is a growing crisis. The housing bubble burst back in 2008 and since then, housing values, which were wildly inflated, crashed through the floor and kept going for the past 11 years, making countless families homeless and making everyone's homes worthless. It has now caught up with my family. 

My goal is to try and raise €100,000 to cover the deal for them to keep the house. Any support you can offer towards that will be incredible. 

Thanks :) 
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This is to cover my family's plea bargain to keep the house that was repossessed so they don't stay homeless. 
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