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AND I HELPED! $1 may not seem like much, but every contribution helps us get closer to our goal. For a dollar you get our gratitude and the satisfaction that you are helping support Christian radio.
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THANKS! $5 is not to be taken lightly. A donation of this amount will get your name listed on our website as a backer whom this would not be possible without. (Please let us know if you would prefer your name not publicly listed)
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WOW! $10 is a commitment and we realize this. For a $10 contribution in addition to including previous reward levels, we will also send you a limited edition Reanimated Radio postcard with a personal hand-written thank you message.




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Before Reanimated Radio there were many Christian metal radio stations and shows, however following the Copyright Royalty Board's new rulings for the 2016-2020 period the licensing costs for small webcasters have doubled for many radio stations, making it impossible for small indie radio stations to afford to stay on the air.

As many of you may have seen there has been a mass shutdown of nearly every Christian metal radio station and podcast as a result of these changes. Those of us who have sadly had to shut down our broadcasts are uniting to bring you a brand new internet radio station. This new station will be home many live shows from various DJs, providing a central place where you can hear all your favorite shows. 

Live shows will range in style as some shows will be oriented towards extreme metal such as death and black metal, while others may be geared towards classic metal or rock, there may even be the possibility of a talk show or two. 

In addition to live shows there will be more opportunity to engage with your favorite DJ through our upcoming new website. Youtube channels are also in the realm of possibilty which will open up new options such as DJ video blogs, devotionals, progress updates and more. 

Reanimated Radio is the combined effort of:

Metal Blessing Radio
Sanctus Gladius Radio
The Master's Metal
Metal For Christ
The Cross Stream
Christian Armor Radio
Hammer of God
Resurrection Metal Radio
318 Nation
Divine Aggression Radio
The Aussie Hour
Covenant Metal Show
Blood n' Metal Radio

All of this of course will only be possible with the support of listeners such as yourself, as it is an ugly truth that these things do in fact come with operating costs and setup costs. Our hope is that together through your support we can make this happen!

$0 of $84 per month
Operating costs monthly are estimated at $84 for a total of $1000 for a full year. These operating costs include:

  • Stream hosting
  • Stream licensing
  • Web hosting
  • Domain Registration

Anything above this $1000 goal will be put towards merchandise, promotional materials and the like.
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