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Hey guys! :) Fans have suggested I create a Patreon account (in light of the recent Logan Paul incident resulting in small time Youtube creators like me losing our monetisation) so here it is!

Blake's Sanctum is a retro gaming & mods website that has been in operation since 2001!  The site was mostly dormant and small through the 2000s but in 2010 I started heavily working on it every year tributing the games I grew up with. I really feel like I've finally settled on a direction for myself, this site and the content I cover on here, my blog and my youtube channel. Basically it's all about sharing my love for retro gaming and the amazing fan made mod projects that bring new life to these old games. Most people have no idea these projects are out there so I feel like I almost need to take on the role of a promoter to get these projects the support they deserve.

I wouldn't keep doing what I do without the great support of my fans and I'm forever grateful for it! I don't expect anyone to pay me for the silly stuff I create and my health has improved over the last year so I'm able to work more again and put food on the table just fine! But if anyone is really touched by something I've created and want to give something back then I've put this here for you.

But honestly just getting a kind message from visitors to my site and youtube channel telling me that you enjoyed the site or a vid is all the fuel I need to keep doing more!

Peace out my fellow retro gaming fans. Let’s knock down some great old games this year!! :)

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