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What is Patreon and who are you?

I'm Blake Wilbanks. I grew up in Corinth, Mississippi and now live in Walnut, Mississippi with my family and dog, named Panther. I write full time and when I'm not writing I'm either photographing or sketching whatever it is that captures my eye. Which is more likely than not the moon.

Little facts: I love fantasy, horror, music, and I have a weird, unhealthy--to others--obsession with the moon.

Blake Wilbanks is the author of The Lost Hours Series ( Ash and Bone, Nympharum (coming Soon), and A World Gone Blind: a short story set in the world of The Lost Hours) and  I'm Not brOKen.

And patreon is where you--the person reading this--will help me fund my books. But with that, you will receive a number of rewards for doing so. You'll receive my gratitude, acess to short stories, exclusive content such as deleted scenes and other fun stuff, and excerpts from the novel that I'm working on at the time.

Why are you on Patreon?

Great question. I'm on Patreon because I am a self-published author, not to say that I can't get traditionally published, because I very well could, I just don't really need to. I exercise all things control and self-publishing gives me the luxury to do that. I love being able to make the cover for my books, choose my editor, and publish it whenever I want to. But self-publishing is expensive and one can only do it for so long before they start to run low on cash.

So, I'm on here to get help for funding, but also give a little something in reurn.

Social media:  Twitter Facebook Website Tumblr.

If you have any more questions, email me: here.
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