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About EC

Hi I'm blankd and I'm the creator of a variety of art, comics, games and VNs, typically of the fantasy and monster-y variety.

Currently my efforts are focused on writing an original fantasy novel of sorts, Fatebreaker.

Fatebreaker tells the story of how a Seer's life is forever changed when he meets a General whose future he cannot see.

Chapters will be free to read to an extent, the only "patron only" content shall be the most recently posted chapter/artwork or any saucy writing (to keep with Patreon's guidelines).

The production of Fatebreaker will be as follows: Chapters shall be written and posted here with no real editing, basically a 1st draft or webnovel.  Production sketches of characters, locations, etc. shall also be posted here.

After the story is complete I shall take time to edit the chapters and compile them into a neat book, digital or otherwise, with finalized pictures and potential bonus content (more pictures, bonus written content, etc.).

As I gain more familiarity with my posting schedule, I may add additional content for patrons such as voting/suggestions for artwork or Q&A doodles, etc.
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(Additional details shall be revealed once this goal is achieved)
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