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If you're tossing a buck our way, it means you care. So we'll give you access to all of our public projects, past and present, and you'll get updates from this Patreon. It's more than just a finger on our pulse, it's a window into our menagerie of creations, many of which have been offline for over a decade. It's comic nostalgia.
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At three bucks, you clearly want to know what's going on. Get access to the Lounge channel on Discord, and get access to works-in-progress and behind the scenes stuff.
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Six bucks? Now you don't just want a conversation, you want to be a part of the process. We'll give you access to the Blankite Discord level, which comes with bells AND whistles.  You can chat with Lemmo in the Studio while he draws on the live Twitch stream. For a half dozen smackers, we get to be internet buddies. Not that our friendship is for sale... it's just a lucky byproduct of helping us out.
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About Blank It Studios

Hi, I'm Lemmo, here with my cohorts Aric and Avi. We create a comics.

We like to make comics. Comics take effort, but with patrons like you, we feel encouraged and engaged to make stuff. Your dollars help keep the lights on, but it's your engagement that encourages us. We want the comics process to be a collaboration and build a community. That's when the internet is at its best!

With each donation, we can cover our hosting costs and get content to you quicker. We are able to spread the load between the three of us. And as we hit each milestone, we can ramp up our production accordingly. Meaning, the more you give, the more we give. It's a fantastic cycle.

So here we are, willing creators willing to create. We have a lot of ideas to explore, so imagination is in good supply. If you can help us with the other stuff, we'll make sure there's plenty of enjoyment to go around. Thank you!
$58 of $60 per comic strip!
The biggest time squeeze, for Lemmo at least, is the time it takes to color a comic strip. We've got a wonderful colorist on deck, and she's ready to contribute her efforts to getting these comics vibrantly-abled. This goal gives our colorist enough space to color a comic a month.
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