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My goal here is to be able to create the products I love and that people will want to play. The best way for me to do that is to find a way replace my current full time employment. All pledges are greatly appreciated and they will get me one step closer to achieving my goals.

Currently the project I am working on is a base defense game. The player will use a twin stick shooting control system and an RTS mode to allow for building towers. Some broad stroke goals for the game are to provide a couch co-op experience as well as online cooperative and competitive play. As of this writing the game is still in its infancy and I wouldn't even describe it as a prototype but it is progressing daily.

If you are wondering why you might want to pledge to me instead of someone else, what I can say is that my Degree is in game design and I have produced other products to different levels of completion. What sets this game apart from those other school and hobby projects is that with this idea I get to make what I want. Ultimately what I want to make is something that the community enjoys and wants to play.
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