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About Blind Ninja Studios

Blind Ninja Studios is a multimedia production company that was formed by 3 friends who wanted to do the same thing, hang out in front of a microphone and entertain the world. So on November 3, 2012 we turned on the mics and uttered the phrase that would change everything, "Episode 1 of the Department of Offense, here we go!" After we recorded that first show we were hooked and started adding more shows to our network including: Tabletop Theatre, SoundWave, Console Cowboys, Homebrew Bound, Tabletop Travels and Breaking Brief. As time has passed we've polished our technique, brought people into the company and have increased our portfolio with videos and written content. And we are ready to grow again!

Which brings us to Patreon. Patreon gives us an easy way to ask for your support while giving you something in return. We will be able to use what you give us to increase the production quality of our existing podcasts and a few new ones that we want to do but haven't had the means to do them. It will also allow us to extend and expand our YouTube channel, which is something that we have been working tirelessly on and are really excited to make it a reality.

So now that you know what we get, let's talk about what you get. First I need to make this very clear, all of our existing content and any future content (with a couple of small exceptions) is going to remain absolutely free. If you can't (or don't want to) subscribe, you will still get the same experience you've always had. However, if you do subscribe we have set up a nifty belt system that will give you more interaction with the crew here at BNS.

Please know that every little bit helps us bring you the best content we can. Thank you for listening and thank you for becoming our Patron.
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