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is creating kick-ass policy to save the world
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About James Greyson

I'm a sustainability old-timer, having worked with these issues for 3 decades. For 15 years I was an international sustainability adviser - but I kept noticing that despite everyone's efforts the big problems just kept getting bigger. So for the last 15 years I've been 'blindspotting', by asking "what is it that keeps getting missed?" It turns out that the opportunities for fast effective global solutions are vast and barely explored!

My blindspotting work has created amazing kick-ass policy solutions, such as  an effective way to leverage planet-scale change, a way to make politicians reverse the arms race and a way to make markets end the wasting of nature's resources. 

With you by my side I can do so much more to get kickass policy into action. Thanks so much in advance - let's do this and save the world!

To become a a patron please hit the red button on the right - and the share/tweet buttons ;-) Or find out first more about how Patreon works. Or get in touch with any questions on Linkedin or twitter @blindspotting and @climate_rescue. If you prefer, your support is also very appreciated via paypal

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