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About Blitzguitar

Hello guys and welcome back, Marco here from

My mission is to create unique fingerstyle guitar lessons that are musical, easy to play, structured, fun and effective. 

I spent the last few years teaching guitar privately and on YouTube. I also wrote a bunch of fingerstyle program that are now available on Patreon.

You can click the links below to access each individual program. There is also a link where you can see all the lessons currently available.

I post stuff on a weekly basis so I hope you find what you are looking for.

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NEW PROGRAM - Acoustic StepsAccess here
NEW PROGRAM - Technique labAccess here
NEW PROGRAM - Fingerstyle Chords. Access here
NEW PROGRAM - Technique lab Vol.2. Access here

SONGS - Access here.
Canon in D
Spanish Guitar
Four Seasons 
Spanish Romance
Swan Lake
Minuet in G

How to access the lessons on Patreon.
Watch the video here.
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Getting to 500 would make it possible to create more structured programs on Fingerstyle, Acoustic and Electric guitar, but also music theory, chords and melodies and songs.
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