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I'm excited to be offering 1-on-1 mentorship, including 2 Skype sessions, portfolio critique monthly. I'll help you build your brand and discuss specific strategies on how to grow, both creatively and in business. I actually love assigning certain projects targeted to a mentee's needs, and helping him/her with this to help them grow. 
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Hi there! I'm Betty, food photographer, soon-to-be cookbook author, and blogger behind! I'm really excited you're interested in learning with me and hope to see you in the community. 

Currently live - 
Color Accuracy - troubleshooting
Behind the Scenes and a Peek into the Studio
Look Sharp: my favorite tricks to make your photos tack-sharp
f/1.4 is CRAP: don't shoot wide open!
My go-to light modifying trick for deep shadows
Case Explorations in natural light, and an exercise for you!

Stop-Motion Video Walk Through
Stop Motion: Video Demonstration of Piecing the Images Together
On Backups...
Lightroom CC Updates
Installing LR Presets - how to

"Let's Lightroom":
002: The Power of Radial Filter
001: Let's edit in harsh light, bright colors

Downloadable Resources: 
Adjustment presets: one-click effects
My Foundation Lightroom Preset, for you!

Thoughts on Gear
Nikon D850: the best camera for just about everything
Mirrorless vs DSLR  
Use a tripod - it'll elevate your work 

Favorite Gear:
Nikon 45mm TS
More on Tilt Shift - why I use it for food 

This space is really a portal, a forum where I can post tutorials, step-by-steps, reviews, and share my creative process - whether it be from the start of setting up a shoot, the gear, the actual shooting, or post processing. I teach photography workshops all over the world, but I've found there are topics, processes, etc that don't make it to the main roster (there's soooo much to teach), so I'd love to provide that here. Plus, I can't teach workshops forever, and this will be a permanent home for lessons and teaching content. Once you join, you actually automatically get access to ALL previous content. I love to teach - my philosophy with teaching is not to have you photograph the way I do, but to provide you with a toolkit, a foundation, with which to continue your own creative journey. When I provide a preset, it's not the exact preset I use, because how boring would that be? I'll provide one to serve as a foundation, then teach you how to progress and start to build on that according to your style.

Oh, and bonus? My husband Alex, the better half of our wedding photography business Alex + Betty, the Lightroom and tech nerd who sorts all of our gear and actually creates our presets, will be joining me in providing content as well. So for those of you with burning questions about backups, workflow, gear - this is for you! 

Feel free to email me if you have any topic requests, or questions - [email protected]! Hope to see you in this community - let's have some solid conversations! 
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I'll show a video tour of my little studio - where I shoot most of my work, including all my props, surfaces, modifiers, etc... :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts

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