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Hi! My name is Reni, and I'm the owner of Blogging Mama (also commonly referred to as PAD Protic), the only Puzzle & Dragons blog covering Japanese to English translated news plus information of anything PAD-related, including PAD Radar!

Prior to this blog, there are limited places to find translated content for the Japanese news and often news aren't fully translated and extremely hard to look up. Hence, the blog is a revolutionary way for many non-Japanese speakers to stay up to date with our favorite game.

Everything site-related, especially creating new posts, designing the webpages, coding on the back end, is all done on my free time and break time during my work, and hosting expenses are out of my own pocket. If you have enjoyed the content thus far, support the blog!

I usually can be found on a few Discord servers: PDX Discord Server, PAD Community Server.

You can donate either via Patreon (here) or Ko-Fi (through PayPal).

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