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This Patreon was created as an extended alternative for my dope viewers whom wish to contribute to my multimedia crossdress/crossplay endeavors. :3 While I don't feel as I have much to offer in terms of rewards, I do ask that future patrons treat this page as a monthly donation box which basically means is to try not to expect too much from the tiered rewards and think of them more as a small thank you for your contribution in making what I love doing a possibility.

I love crossplaying/crossdress and want to do as much as I can, whether it be creating YouTube Videos, Livestreams, Shoots, and pretty much anything I could think of while sharing my experience with my viewers.

I started a YouTube Channel in 2016 because I couldn't go to an anime convention and figured I'd play games with a friend while in crossplay. I recorded the footage and from that point decided to figure what else could I do since all these conventions were so expensive. I instead remedied the thought by meeting people via Omegle online and posted my silly interactions. One of my videos made its way to viewers such as Pewdiepie, and Pokimane. Another silly parody crossplay video of Gremlin DVA made it to Cosplay Kotaku. While I don't do Omegle as much anymore, I still try to create videos of the different variety from time to time, and have recently started getting back into the groove in releasing a video or two per month as of recent.

I started streaming on a 2-3 hour weekly basis on YouTube Live and met so many awesome people that I got to chat with. I've been streaming since late 2016 coming up with different outfits compositions to showcase and ever since then, it felt like a second home for me. My streams consists of attempting to showcase a different ensemble each time while having a chilltime with viewers. I treat it like a long day after work, despite having a rigourous schedule.

As of June 2019, I've decided it would be best to relocate my live streams to Twitch and stream three times on a weekly basis for those whom are unavailable the previous days I used to stream.

One of my biggest regrets was that I never took pictures in crossplay/crossdress when I went to conventions. (Spent too much time having fun... QQ) I'm pretty sure there are a ton of memories that I can't recall just because I never took pictures. For the time being right now, I've dedicated an hour and some change, taking pictures in-house before creating a video/going on livestream/randomly dressing up. I hope to eventually do what I used to do, going outside with a friend and take better quality photos from there.

I live in New York City and am currently working two jobs (Weekend Warrior! Yay yay!). Rent in NYC is expensive, not to mention all these items listed below some which aren't tax deductible nor have I included my own personal living expenses:

Static Expenses:
Streaming Equipment [Cameras, Lights, Webcams, PC Hardware]

Recurring Expenses:
Outfits: [wigs, contacts tops, skirts, dresses, shoes, accessories]
Make Up: [foundation, concealer,  brushes, sponges, remover, liner, etc]
Miscellaneous: [promo, electricity, drinks, taxes LOL]
Time: [Video ideas, outfit ideas, shooting video, video editing, live streaming, social Media, etc ]

I also lonewolf my content, that meaning I take care of the whole creative process. In addition to the expenses above, I have very limited time to work with now that I have added two more days of livestreaming to my schedule. To give you an idea of how hectic it can get, here's a rough example of my livestream day schedule going forward:

5:30PM - 6PM : Get home from work and settle in
6:30PM - 7PM : Start make up while compiling ensemble with clothing/wigs I've acquired.
8PM - 9PM : Take impromptu in house photos for Patreon/instagram
9PM - 10PM : [Power Hour - AKA reasons why I'm late, though I believe its getting better] Promo livestream on various social media/retouch make up/prep streaming workplace (Cams, lights, stream applications test.)
*There's gotta be a break somewhere up there!
10PM - 12AM: Stream~suru! (I tend to go over, but will try to keep this schedule tighter, unless someone requests an extension for future)
[Another Hardest part of the stream because I'm a little sleepy and fuzzy... *inebriated]
12AM - ??? : ATTEMPT to review whole stream at 1.5-2x while marking highlight/try not to get distracted from the bestest internet friends/gotta clean up room/pop a gatorade...
??? : Wake up and try not to get to work late. LOL!!!

The video schedule is super intense because the corny jokes don't write themselves! :3
The outdoor shoots are sporadic as well because my 7 day work week is really tight... and I can't shoot myself outside without looking silly.
While I have no problem fronting the cost since creating crossplay/crossdress content is something I really enjoy, I can't express how grateful I am to know that my work and effort is acknowledged!

Patrons will be charged upfront and on a monthly basis.
Monthly Tiered Rewards will be posted on the 1st week of the month.
Monthly Tiered Rewards will be taken down on the last day of the month.
Unreleased Monthly Images MAY be released slowly one month their release on Patreon.

What kind of photos are we to expect? Are they lewd, nude, etc?
-The majority of the photos are taken at home with a selfie-stick via phone and are candid. They aren't professional compared to what a photographer would take. I don't do nudes, if there happens to be an opportunity its going to be implied and doctored for easy to look and artistic expression (accuracy if cosplay?). As for lewds, I'm #ttlyinnocent so no. There are seldom fan-service styled images in relation to anime be it angles/poses/expressions, but these are just depictions of being mildly provocative and not over the top, hopefuly.
16 of 100 patrons
I believe I can finally start working on follower merch ranging from t-shirts to possibly body pillow sleeves! Patrons will be able to vote for their favorite designs. Depending on the merch, patrons whom reach a secret lifetime pledge amount may be eligible to receive said goods for free!
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