is creating Oil paintings, crafting and sewing
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this is for people who just want to support me but cant really afford to or just want to give me money without anything in return

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 a flourish of words specially written for you every month to appreciate your ever generous moments in life. 
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 Once a month, receive a 6" by 6" landscape painting 




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About Bloodstainedwings

Hello. I am a twitch streamer and an etsy creator. I make Bob Ross style oil paintings and clothing. My clothing creations range from small things like panties and hairbands to full dress including wedding dresses. I also craft things like wallets and purses and other random things i want/need. 

Some people who follow me on twitch may at some point feel the need to support me financially but cannot afford to buy a painting/commissioned work, which I understand. Hence, Patreon. I hope to one day be able to give up my "real" job and be able to make a living off my creations. Hopefully, you will help me in this journey! :)

All of my rewards are paintings, as of right now, as the rest of my work is extremely custom. If you would rather something else, let me know, I can probably work something out! 
$12 of $50 per month
dance party on twitch AND twitch sings to only songs requested by patreons <3 (and selected by men too)
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