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'The Waiting Game' EP Download
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This is my debut EP and has a lot of love in it. Buying this EP, means you're helping pay for the next one I'll be recording soon! ;)
Poster/Physical Copy of "The Waiting Game"
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$25 will get you your own physical copy of my debut EP "The Waiting Game" as well as a poster of the artwork from the EP!
A Song+EP Download
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On top of a download of "The Waiting Game" you can give me a topic and I'll write a song about it for you.

This is easily the best way to support me at this point and keeps me focused on daily crafting new songs (some of which end up being professionally recorded!). A lot of work goes into this process and I work hard to create these songs. You'll receive access to a filmed live performance of the song as well as a basic recording.




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About Blooming

Hey there. :)
I'm Blooming. For the past 10 years I've been writing, performing, busking and touring with a lot of different musicians and more recently on my own. I wish I could say that for the past 10 years, I'd been going hell-for-leather trying to 'make it' in music. That hasn't been the case.

During this period I've had doubts about what I'm capable of and found myself caught between two worlds- By day I would wake up to wear the clothes to fit a role (which never quite fit) and work jobs that ultimately left me wanting more. By night, I would come home and lose myself to the creative process of writing, singing, painting, drawing and expressive movement- Where I needed to be.

Recently, I finally built up the confidence to record the songs I'd been sitting on for such a long time and since that time in the studio, everything in my life has pointed towards 'taking the plunge' and accepting I need to do what I came here for. With these opportunities coming my way to share my music with the world I just can't keep working those other jobs- There's honestly not enough time with all the things I'm being asked to do.
I'd say one of the biggest fears we face as artists is wondering where we'll find the money to survive, thrive and share our money with the world. 

That being said, I want to thank you- Any donation you offer means I'm that much more free to direct my time and energy to the work I want to share with YOU as an artist. I believe in my work and I want to make the most of my life doing the things I'm actually good at and keep working to be even better.
So- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have a vision of bringing some good into the world with my craft. You're helping me to do that. It's wholeheartedly appreciated.

Blooming x
$0 of $800 per month
This is a goal I have that will effectively cover my rent, most of my food and travel costs. Getting to this point alone would make a massive difference in becoming a professional musician and sharing this music that I love making all around the world.

I want to make this happen so that I can set up a stronger online presence and afford the equipment that will allow you to see my process up close and personal with regular live videos on the songwriting craft, singing, the joys and learnings from being in this industry and a whole lot more. I'm sitting on A LOT of material to share...
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