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About Bloom Where You're Planted

Hey, I'm Andrea, the host of Bloom Where You're Planted.  

I'm a big believer in maximizing your energy, beating burnout & reaching your goals with your long-term health in mind, so that's what I talk about in my podcast!  I make it with other entrepreneurs in mind so that I can empower them to live their best & most vibrant lives, because at the end of the day, I want to see a world full of humans that are in the habit of impressing themselves every single day.  

I'm not taking podcast sponsors at the moment, because I really like feeling like it's just you & me when I sit down to record, and so far, I'm super happy with that decision.  I release two episodes a week, though, and would love to get a little help editing & uploading, so that I can keep rolling out the value without burning out & this Patreon is one way that I can do that without taking on sponsors.  

So, if you've ever loved an episode a lot & wanted to show some love, why not donate enough for a cup of coffee?  It really helps me feel the love & even though i can't connect with you one on one, knowing that my listeners are buying me a coffee through Patreon makes me (somehow) even MORE grateful for all of you.  
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