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is creating a New Mexico print studio and new art to print there!
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About Blossom Merz

Thanks so much for following the links to get here. Your interest in my art and the effects we can all have on community is the motivation that keeps me going.

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About Me
I've been a professional artist and supporter of queer community in rural Southern Oregon for many years. Now I have left the mountains that I love and the world that I know in favor of the arts communities and opportunities of New Mexico.

What I Do
Folks have known me for years as The Weaving Monk, carefully handweaving hundreds of gorgeous garments and sending them home with happy people all up and down the West Coast. A long, slow shoulder injury sent me in search of a new craft. (Don't be too sad. The skill I acquired is not lost. Bridgette Extraordinaire studied and worked with me for two years to master every step of my complex weaving style and then make it her own. Be sure to check her weaving on her website: She is really going places!)

Now I am producing letterpress printed work on original equipment from the 1890's. The art might look different, but it really uses the exact same skills I've been employing for years. I create original designs and spend all day operating gorgeous antique machines with many complex moving parts to produce those designs. The complexity of the process and the mastery of arcane historical skills are integral to the beauty to me. The journey is the destination.

What's Happening Now
Some longterm friends of mine invited me to come and live with them in Cerrillos, New Mexico. At 30 minutes from Santa Fe, which is famous for the culture of support for the arts, I have vastly more opportunities available to me after I get the business up and running.

What You Are Supporting
The move halfway across the country was a big change. I still need to get the word out to find new customers, do awesome work for them, and wait for the referrals to come in. I've built numerous businesses before and I know that the cycles of reputation and referrals will take time.

By supporting me through Patreon, you're helping me to land on my feet and have a fighting chance of getting this new business up and running. Then I will support queer community as I have always done. I expect to be part of a brand new network of queer artists in this tiny desert town.

If I get to the upper levels of support, I will have a dedicated studio again and offer education and resources to underserved queer communities in the area.

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This level of support helps me to make ends meet while I work a day job to get on my feet. It will help me to get established in my new home and take a day off here and there to do the work that will get my own business off the ground.
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