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$1 earns you special access to the weekly Podcast where Blu talks more about Console Paladins Esports, and even Casual Paladins. Podcasts on youtube only consist of 1 free episode each month, not you get them ALL!
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Thanks for (at least thinking about) subscribing to Console Corner! You’ve already come so far to check out what we’re doing over here (, and we can’t thank you enough for that.

At the most basic level, your subscription means that you’ll be getting exclusive access to even more Console Corner content. That’s right, a dollar gets you access to a special monthly podcast available only to supporters of our Patreon such as yourself. From there, it’s about how you want the content delivered and if there’s any perk that tickles your fancy.

But the crazy perks aren’t what our Patreon is about. You want to help Console Corner grow, and we want to reward you for that. Thank you for believing in us and caring about what we do. The Paladins Community changed our lives. We wouldn’t be able to make the content you love without it. Thank you for subscribing to us. Thank you for the support and encouraging us to keep bringing you Console updates for Paladins Esports. Soon we hope to be able to reach out and start covering different games from Console that we all enjoy watching/playing. 

You all know Bluball, most commonly known as Blu works hard and created Console Corner to help newer players, veteran players and even spectators understand the Paladins Competitve scene easier and give us enjoyable content to be a part of as a community and we hope you continue to support and help him as well as us in doing so! We love you, and everyone else who has shown us the support we thrive for.

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