Thar Be Monsters

is creating a new demo for Blubber Busters - A Sci-fi Combat Platformer
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About Thar Be Monsters

Hey there! We are Thar Be Monsters - a game company founded in 2015 by three industry artists with a twisted desire to make a game inspired by colorful and over-the-top cartoons.

Last year, we embarked on the journey of launching a Kickstarter for our game Blubber Busters. For many reasons, we decided to cancel that campaign early and take a new approach at it in the coming future. We want to come back with a bigger & better demo that will highlight the unique features to our game.

In order to do that, we need help keeping our kick ass team together! If Blubber Busters is a game you'd love to play, please consider donating to our Patreon and help us bring the demo one step closer to the real thing.

Thank you ♥
-Thar Be Monsters team

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