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Who are you and what do you do?
Hello! I'm Gavin Vindici and I love making video entertainment! A film student currently enrolled, I love experimenting with sketch comedy and alternate editing styles. The core of my channel has been traditionally gaming focused, but lately I've been branching out and trying out higher production videos using my school's equipment, expect a lot of different material! My Channel!

What resources do you have available?

I've got my own DSLR Camera now, I take it with me to do vlogs or shoot small sketch videos. The availability of my college's equipment has also helped me make things with higher production value. Having knowledgeable friends helping is also a plus! As far as gaming content, I've got a large library of steam games, and a computer powerful enough to run them on PC, where all my gaming content comes from.

Where would my money go?
I currently work at the college, and I am looking to get another job so I can get a place of my own. Until I get enough financial backing to make it Patreon my main source of income, the money will only be going to improving the content I make while I continue working an outside job. Things such as
  • Equipment such as lenses and rental fees
  • Video games FOR the channel
  • Better Patron Rewards
In the event this becomes my primary source of income, I will notify you, and begin living off of the income. This does not mean I will stop improving. I will likely work even harder to make sure I live up to your expectations. I love to entertain and I will continue working to do so, regardless of how much I make.

Whether you decide to become a patron or not, thank you for taking the time to take a look! Hope you enjoy the videos!
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We're getting started off! At $50 I'll make a special video for everyone (posted to my YouTube) thanking everyone for their support, and will host an hour-long livestream playing Dark Souls III!
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