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About Roman Muradov

Hello, my name is Roman, I draw and write things. I'm also a professor at CCA.

I've made a bunch of books and I'd like to make a few more before I die.
Here on Patreon I share my process and techniques for various pieces in ink, digital, paint and whatnot. This is also where I share my newest stories and comics, sometimes years before they are published.

For $1+ you get access to all the old and new process posts (which is a veritable library of artmaking wisdom).
For $2+ you also get all the comics and illustrated stories.
For $4+ I will also mail you printed comics and Patreon-exclusive risograph prints once a year.
For $8+ I will also mail you a few original drawings around the end of the year that you can sell for millions once I finally expire.

Here's my website.
Here's my instagram.
Here's an interview for the Comics Journal.
I also have a public post with cartoon yoga and stretches that all artists should try.

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