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We’re in the process of writing a story with some characters and ideas we’ve had for a while and we hope you’ll love it and hopefully, we’ll expand and bring some of our other ideas to life, soon.
     James is a chrym, a species which can blend in perfectly well with humans though they have a few differences in their natural form. He’s been alive for quite literally hundreds of years, sometimes it feels like longer, sometimes it feels like less time. He has a slight obsession with history and leads a calm and relatively uninteresting life, just the way he likes it, after all, if he does nothing special, nobody will remember him a hundred years from now and figure out he’s the same person.
     Sky’s a regular human being. She’s studying photography and running a blog about all sorts of things she likes, different foods, places to visit, et cetera, while working at a coffee shop. Her life is also relatively uneventful, which is not quite how she likes it, but she’ll tolerate it as long as she’s studying. As soon as that’s done, she wants adventure, or at least travels, something interesting.
     Sky’s known James for several months now. Not really known him, really, just his name and that he’s a history teacher who likes to grade his assignments and generally work in the coffee shop. She does, however, know that there’s something somewhat odd about him, though she’s not quite sure what it is. When their friendship grows, so does her curiosity about him. One day she finds out. What he is, and the problems he’ll have to face for it soon.

     Hello! I’m Blue Dinosaur, or Blue, or Flame, whichever you prefer! I'm an engineering student, who loves creating characters and stories in her spare time. I’m half of the creative team -or should I say duo?- that creates what will hopefully become many wonderful stories you’ll all love, but at the moment is just one story with a few characters I love and occasionally love to make suffer. I do the writing and proofreading for the story, and we both come up with the ideas and the characters (I promise I’m pretty sure I’m better at actually writing than I am with descriptions).

    *Blue Panda description coming soon*
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