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About BlueFeatherKitten

I am a low-income independent artist trying to have more time to work on content for my followers. I love doing art and photography but I do not make enough money currently to be able to avoid working entirely, and that is my goal. I am also putting together YouTube Speedpaints, and I'd like to be able to keep putting those up as well as future LARP, Cosplay and DnD related videos!
I also would love to be able to visit more places for conventions, both as a vendor and a regular attendee. 
Most of all, I'd love to have the money to live and also donate to different charities that help people in need with the same issues I have. (manic depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts) I need help, but there are always people more in need than me!
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At $500 each month, I can lower the amount of commissions I'm taking on outside of Patreon and focus on more videos and merch for everyone!
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