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        About Blue Magican

        Hello everyone!

        I'm just a guy from Oregon who loves playing games, doesn't matter if they are board games, card games, or video games I just enjoy games.For me games are about spending time enjoying the story or game with friends, family, and the people in viewers in my cast.I play everything from old school Nintendo games up to current Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Computer titles.

        There are numerous ways that I can still improve my cast, and in supporting me you are helping me improve it.First of are things like improving my audio and video equipment, obtaining a green screen, and improved computer chair.Then there are games I’d love to play for you and things such as a PO Box that I could pick up for games you would like me to play that I don’t own.

        Goals and the amounts to reach them will change constantly; as things improve and I can do more we’ll also see more events.Please stay tuned to see how the stream evolves!
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        Hey all!  At the 100 dollar mark I'm willing to do a day of games that everyone can join in on.  I am working on finding more titles like this but some ideas include Minecraft, Terraria, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, possibly Magic 2015, and Harthstone.  Everyone who donates towards this goal can get a vote, and in some circumstances what I do may be personalized for that person, but those will be special excpetions rather than the rule.
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