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About Blue Morphos Productions

My name is Liane, head of Blue Morphos Productions, and I have been slowly building my channel since late 2016. The videos I make range between adventures, various challenges, and other creative ideas (such as a new series called What Do Horror Villains Do?). I love making these videos, and have found them to be soothing while working through graduate school and battling Lyme Disease. Each one of them comes from the bottom of my adoring, and horror-loving heart (which you will see quite often!)

Why Patreon?
My hope is that my channel will become self-sufficient and allow me to fill the hole that my student loan doesn't. I am often frightened by my cost of living, but between grad school and my illness it is impossible to hold another job at the moment. My goal is for Youtube to become a healthy source of income, or even a full-time source of income if possible.That would be a dream. However,I need your help to keep me floating until the channel becomes stable enough!

Where does the money go?
Your contributions will go toward
1) Keeping me swimming through the sea of bills that constantly come my way so I can continue to create!
2) Improving my quality of work - lights, costumes, materials, mics, software, gas to get to locations, etc.

The Catch?
None! This money will be used to stabilize my financial situation while I create these videos for all of you! Every dollar brings more content and another sigh of relief!

Thank you all for any help you can provide! I understand that not everyone can contribute financially, and I am really grateful for any support you can give through visiting the channel or anything else! I appreciate every ounce of help, guys! Thank you again!

- Liane 
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