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About BlueMurderGaming

We at BlueMurderGaming are 2 siblings, Jordan and Georgina, aged 24 and 20 respectively. We've come to Patreon as a means to kickstart what is a hobby into a career. We love playing video games (who doesn't?) and we love entertaining people. However due to the fact that we make mere pence per month from ad revenue, the idea of doing this full-time is non-existent.

That's where Patreon comes in. With Patreon we can take the next step into turning a hobby into a career and pushing more and more into doing this full-time. Not only will we be able to increase the quality and frequency of YouTube videos but we'll also be able to livestream along side. Usually, one picks either Youtube or Twitch streaming and sticks to it, but for us, we want to do both without neglecting the other. We want to be able to interact with you guys in real time but also have regular updates to Youtube with quality Let's Plays or the occasional review.

The dream is to be able to do this daily. Not once a week videos or once a week livestreams. We want to be able to have quality, entertaining videos up everyday for you guys to watch, and if time allows it, we want to be able to livestream with you guys daily.

This, however, cannot be possible without your help. You can pledge as little or as much as you want to help support us and you will have our eternal thanks.
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At this milestone we at BMG will do a 12 hour livestream on Twitch to celebrate the support. And not only that, we'll also be increasing how much we upload per week.
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