is creating Alice In Wonderado (graphic novel and web comic), Illustrations,
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About J.L.Trout

BlueStoneFist is a momentary escape from reality to enjoy the worlds and stories of illustrator and creator J.L.Trout (myself).
While currently working on a retelling of "Alice in Wonderland" set in the old west, there's plenty of original stories I wish to explore and share with the world, including stories of superheros, space operas, post apocalyptic survival and much more.
While I plan on posting my comics online for free, I need extra money to ease cost of living and push forward to other fun (and new) products such as prints, shirts and other gimmickry people like to put on their dashboards.
Hopefully I can start making enough that this can be a full time job and I can provide even more perks as time goes on.
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When I reach 200 a month, I will start a planned new superhero IP sooner than expected!
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