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About Christian Fuchs

Hello, I am Christian from Berlin! ( as you will  know by now ;-)
I teach Blues & Boogie piano on Youtube
Around the world people of all ages are dreaming of playing better blues piano, of surpassing their own boundaries! As an experienced live musician and real life piano teacher in Berlin I believe I have a good understanding of what blues musicians want and need, and how to solve the problems that obstruct their progress.
Also, I love to inspire people with new ideas and surprising approaches to playing blues and, last not least, with good music!

Good tutorials take up a lot of time, sometimes several days. There are so many invisible but time consuming aspects like repeating takes, cutting videos, preparing and even practicing stuff that is not in my style/repertoire and much more. 

This time is missing booking gigs or just teaching more students here in Berlin. Well, every self-employed person knows, time is money, indeed!
This is why active Youtubers like me sooner or later have to turn to their audiences to ask for donations in order to continue with great and frequent videos.
Besides, as a sponsor you get a little goody: A glimpse behind my curtains by photos and videos I post occasionally!

Please donate!
The blues gods will reward you with rich returns! 

Thank you!  

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