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Hello everyone! We're Blue Vertigo! Our aim is to create films, music, and other media inspired by raw emotion and passionate creativity!


Brightly Burning Ether (BBE for short) is an original action-adventure web series! Combining elements from comic books and traditional animation, BBE is a story that's been in the making for almost 10 years!

Why Patreon?

With your help, we can expand our vision of the series and put EVEN MORE love into it!
  • Increasing the pay for everyone involved: Professional voice actors and artists alike are among the staff for BBE and are giving their best out of love for the project!
  • More animation!: Animation is expensive!
  • More frequent releases: We want to put out BBE episodes as frequently as possible!

One final note!

As the entire Blue Vertigo crew is hard at work on the debut pilot for BBE, things on this page will change over time (especially once the pilot releases this summer)! Consider this a soft opening for our Patreon page, which will be greatly expanded as we go on! BURN BRIGHT!
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At $100 a month, we can expand our production process and crew!
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