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you'd be surprised how far a coupon clipper can stretch a dollar actually.

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see we know where the good stuff is.

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atleast it's not black friday.




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About bluntsouthernanger

my name is john jones. i'm a mixer streamer, twitter ranter, and god willing future youtuber. i'm not gonna pretend like i deserve your money, i stream because it's one of the few things that makes me happy and i wanna make a career out of it no matter how hard it is. and if you decide it's worth your time and hard earned money to help then i well and truly appreciate it. if not i understand. there's better shit for money to be spent on and i wouldn't wanna take money better spent somewhere else.

so you can "sample the goods" before making your decision. and my twitter should be on my page somewhere if you wanna see that for whatever reason.

my streams start when my mother heads off to work so i can get the most bandwith for my streams.

also don't worry about charges upfront. i don't believe in doing that shit to people.

and full disclosure everything earned here will go towards my streaming gear, believe me i don't wanna have this thing up unless i need it.

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