Bly Wallentine

is creating structures of fragmented sound and language.
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Chaos Box
per month

At the base of a deep Well, a parcel containing thought foraged from the expanses of Mind and crafted into music and literature.

Constructed of a dark, grainy wood with a handle of coarse twine and dense iron latches.

Chaos Box iterates monthly.

Well Token
per month

In the mud beside Chaos Box, a coin which, when deposited into Well, grants the Depositor one wish, to be fulfilled in a future Chaos Box.

Etched in the center of the coin are five intersecting lines which crudely resemble a fish. Around the perimeter of the coin are twelve small, circular indents spaced near-equally.

Well Token regenerates monthly.

Auditory Hallucination
per month

Nailed to the Hallucinator's door, a satchel containing a cassette tape which, when played, produces beautiful and vulgar sounds which are not to be described by degraded human language.

Auditory Hallucination occurs monthly.




per month

About Bly Wallentine

Hi! I'm Bly! :D

I'm really into sound! It's really, really cool. The simplest sounds when stretched out and observed stratify and become complex constructions of time and pitch—which is itself a construction of time!!!

I'm also really into language! Verbal communication is such a beautiful form of magic—it's telepathy! Thought-transmission! I love how we can not only use language to relate our experiences with one another but also to help one another imagine things none of us have ever experienced. Generating new realities.

I have often found myself compelled by Mind to organize sound into songs and language into literature! These things I create seem to me to be fun! and beautiful! and strange! and interesting!

These are the things you will find in Chaos Box each month. One month, you might find a handful of meandering shape note hymns, prayers to the Gnostic Aeon Sophia. The next you might find a segment of an interactive fiction game in which you explore a burning 80,000 year-old aspen grove while tripping on mushrooms. The next? A tape of gut-wrenching orchestral pop songs, jarring, weeping ballads transversing the strange experience of confronting god and Self and finding them both to be flawed and genderless and confused and afraid. And the month after, a collection of some of my favorite @hilton_ham tweets that month, my procedurally-generated archive of Paris Hilton's ham radio broadcasts, who—rumors report—is obsessed with ham radio!

With a Well Token, you can make wishes. Tell me to sing over processed and time-stretched tape-recorded tin whistles and pipe chimes. Tell me to arrange a collage of public domain clips into a music video for your favorite of my songs. Tell me to create an interactive story of a dancing turtle who falls in love with a painting of a swallow. Give me your bizzarest ideas and see what I create!

If you join the Auditory Hallucination tierwhich I would LOVE! I'll send you a monthly cassette tape with some of the audio recordings I made that month and occasionally a few exclusive goodies! Maybe I'll record for you a Valentinian Gnostic sermon! Maybe some beautiful, moody chord organ arrangement of a liturgal chant! Maybe recordings of my cats meowing! I'll also write you a nice little note with gel pens and tell you what's been on my mind!

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting me! I'm so excited for you to hear and see all the things that Mind sends to me! And I'm so excited to get to know all of you!

Love forever,

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