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Hello Beautiful Human!
I’m so glad you landed in my little world, just in case you don’t know:

My name is Brittany, aka BMARSZ. I create videos on YouTube every Thursday on my main channel, and every Monday and Wednesday on my second channel. My main channel is a mix of my two favorite things, dance and comedy. My videos either focus on one of those things or a combination of the two!


I LOVE creating videos, but they are A LOT of work. I write, dance,choreograph, teach, record, and edit everything myself. This takes up a lot of time, and honestly I don’t have enough of it!!

Right now I live in Los Angeles and am completely self sufficient while pursuing a career in dance and YouTube. That being said I have to work two serving jobs outside of anything dance related just so I can sustain a livable life. This really takes a toll on me, and though I love creating on YouTube, TIME is MONEY, and I am not receiving any money from YouTube, so I spend a lot of time working.

But that's where you come in peace!!!!! ( get it?) By tipping me as little as $1, you are helping me do what I love and create awesome content for YOU!! Not only are you going to get consistent weekly videos, but also monthly perks that come along with being in my martian family.

Lets connect and build a community that’s out of this world ;)

-Brittany (BMARSZ)
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I WANT TO CREATE A PODCAST! My best friend and I have been trying to plan a love, sex, and relationship podcast from the perspectives of a straight woman and lesbian.
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