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is creating Presentations, Videos and Books on Catholic Faith and Science
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“Students” are Catholics that want to know more about their Faith to become holier. "Students" have access to my slides in PDF and can ask me by e-mail or message for details on the bibliography and sources that I have consulted when building my materials. I will reply to Students’ requests on a "first come, first serve" basis.

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"Readers" are Catholics that want to deepen their knowledge of Catholicism and learn how to present the Faith to family and friends in a better and more rigorous manner. "Readers" have all the benefits of "Students", plus they have access to my Powerpoint slides, with permission to edit them and re-use them as they see fit. I will reply to Readers’ requests on a "first come, first serve" basis.

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"Teachers" are Catholics involved in teaching the Catholic faith to others on a regular basis. "Teachers" have all the benefits of "Readers", plus they can e-mail me and schedule calls with me to ask me questions. I will reply to Teachers’ requests on a "first come, first serve" basis.




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About Bernardo Motta

I am a Roman Catholic.
I uphold all of Holy Mother Church's doctrine, morals and traditions.
After decades of studying Science, Philosophy and Theology, I am convinced that true science is deeply concordant with true theology (i.e., catholic theology) and that philosophy, especially of the thomistic kind, holds the key to the vault of wisdom.
I have been building Powerpoint presentations on core issues of science, christianity and the Catholic Church for the last ten years of my life.
My goal is to help other Catholics see the beauty and Truth of our Faith and how it provides the proper foundations for Science.
At my current stage in life, I can only dedicate some of my spare time to improve these materials.
I am looking for Patrons wishing to support me on this project.

Short Biography
I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1976.
I am married and I have 3 children.
I hold a degree in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering (IST, Lisbon, 2000).
The first book I wrote, back in 2005, was the result of ten years of historical research on the sources of the Priory of Sion mythology, the same one that was re-hashed by Dan Brown to create his best-seller novel "The Da Vinci Code".
My latest book, published in 2017, contains 150 eyewitness testimonials of the phenomenon that was seen by around 7,000 people on October 13th 1917 around Cova da Iria, Portugal.
I am convinced that the Miracle of the Sun is the biggest post-biblical miracle ever to be witnessed by so many people and that it authenticates the message given by Our Lady at Fátima to the three children Lúcia, Jacinta and Francisco.

Banner picture: Clavius crater, on the Moon, named after the Italian Jesuit Mathematician and Astronomer Cristoforo Clavio (1538-1612). Credits: Lunar and Planetary Institute, Lunar Orbiter Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter 4, image 136.

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