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About Amoo

Hello! I'm Amoo, creator of Boat.

Boat is a Discord bot originally written in Ruby, but currently is being ported to Rust. Boat's unique features include several image commands such as fakequote, bobross, hat, and more as well as over 99% uptime on average. Boat has been an ongoing side project for me for quite a long time now. What started out as a fun bot on a youtube sharing website is now a Discord bot in over 400 servers! I never thought that Boat would get this large, and I'm happy that people enjoy using it.

Although I am glad to keep hosting Boat myself, the server it is hosted on is getting a bit cramped. A single $10 VPS is hosting 2 bots and 2 websites with Boat being a huge resource hog taking 700MB of the 1GB of memory provided. Eventually I will need to upgrade my VPS to handle more servers, but upgrading comes at a cost that I can't comfortably afford; at least not in the long term. That's why I'm looking for some help in covering these costs. Just $10 is enough to keep Boat hosted for another month, so I'd greatly appreciate if you would show your support!

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$10 a month will allow me to not worry about server bills. Boat currently runs off a $10 Digital Ocean VPS, so it's not expensive but it adds up.
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