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Every dollar counts, and a large amount of small amounts really amount! Thank you!

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This is like three times as much as the prior one. :) Time for higher fun! I'll write something for you; make it hype or crunk.

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For you special patrons I'll be churning out personal accapelas on a yearly basis at least. If you want a card: send me your address. No place off limits.

Appreciate y'all!




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Hey there! My name's Bob, but you can call me Cyberdevil too. Pleased to metaphorically meet you through this static wall of text!

I'm a poet, emcee, artist, amateur beat-maker, animator, photographer, writer and more from Sweden, seeking to change the world and/or just stay creative.

You can find me (and see what I've done so far) here:
...or on the main domain:
...or wherever else I might link to there. I don't much do mainstream social media though.

By pledging allegiance to my projects you'd be helping me spend more time doing all that which I love but currently do mostly only as a hobby: creative work. Whether it'll be the occasional assortment of sounds in my spare hours, to a full-fledged album, to even making a career out of the more musical strain of my creative vein - that's all up to you!

...and me, of course, but by joining in you'd really be giving me a boost, both in confidence and in financing this foray of artistic output I'd be able to make available!

Everything you choose to contribute will go straight into my musical projects. The amount available will steer their size (from simple tracks to... more tracks), and the time I can dedicate to each one, but no matter the funds these creative arts are where my heart is, and I'll keep doing them regardless. If there's time or money for more than one project per month I'll put out the rest of it for free - you'll never be charged for more than one project per month. I'll share my work both here and via those other places mentioned above. I'm a big fan of the pay-if-you-like approach, so for anything short of full-fledged albums or features (with artists who aren't) everything I put out is free for all by default.

Hopefully with time we can bring forth grander, greater, by word and letter better projects you can all enjoy and be empowered by!

Let's get this dream started.

All the greatest,
$0 of $10 per creative project
Words, Bits & Verses!

At this level I'll be putting out at least one longer acapella, freestyle, or shorter track each month.
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