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About Bob Hanshaw


What is Tucson Portraits and why are you doing this?
(The following includes parts modified from the first installment in the series:)

Tucson Portraits
 is a long-form series of profile articles that focuses on the people who make the Tucson music scene great.

I feel compelled to do this because I am in love with Tucson! I was born and raised here, but only got to know the music scene as an adult. I've realized that it's worth documenting as much as any scene in any city, and more so than most.

My plan is to write one in-depth profile, accompanied by photographs taken by the fantastic Niccole Radhe, every week for a year. Enormous changes will take place even in that span; the scene will be very different between the beginning and the end of this project. But it’s the best I can do.

My interviews are with some of the people who drive Tucson music: people who are the most visible, the most ambitious, the most knowledgeable, the most representative of our town. I aim to cover a broad spectrum: from rock to folk to metal to hiphop to DIY/punk. We have active communities in all those genres, and I aim to cover them all.

How often do you update Tucson Portraits?
Every Tuesday, a new Tucson Portrait will be posted. It is possible that I might do a special article in addition to the regularly scheduled ones, but that will be rare.

How often am I charged?
I have set it up so that you will be charged at the end of every month. Patreon keeps track of the content I post. So, in months with four Tuesdays, you will be charged for four times the amount you pledged per article, and months with five Tuesdays will charge you for five times that amount.

You can also set a cap on the amount you will be charged each month, so even if I post fifty times in one month (not gonna happen), you'll stay within your budget.

Does YabYum get a cut? Does Niccole?
I asked them, and they both declined. If I get in a position to insist, though, I plan on doing so.
$4 of $100 per article
I will professionally record and edit my interviews into pleasant, highly listenable podcasts.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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