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Bodhi & Bass is a virtual Chan (Zen) hermitage, a space to discuss the arts, spirituality and specifically, where they intersect. The question which brought Bodhi&Bass into existence was: “How do we fully and authentically embody the truths that we’ve learnt on the spiritual path in everyday life?”

We publish articles on Buddhism and spirituality, and offer guided Buddhist meditation courses for practitioners of all levels. We host webinars on various topics, especially spirituality as a force in creativity development. We host a podcast about creativity called High Falutin

In Buddhism we have the idea of Dana as a guiding concept- the monastic community (or it's reformed modern equivalent) provide the guidance - in our case articles, interviews, webinars, online meetings and musical content- and the community provides support for these activities.
Without your generous support, none of it would exist.

May the merit of these positive actions be useful to the complete blowing-out of all beings! 
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