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Exploring Your Essence is a deeply personal journey through your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, with Love as your guide you release your attachment to the Fears that have blurred your True Nature with ease and grace. 

As you align with your Essence how you relate to physical embodiment changes, opening your Heart which shifts how you relate with others, while igniting a guiding Light of Purpose within your Being that reveals Ease with Prosperity.

As your Guides we are here to stir your curiosity and wonder as you play, express and contemplate your way through your journey with Essence.

By exploring our unique Gifts, Abilities, Essence and Shadows (referenced in your Personal Akashic and Gene Key Profile) this community dives deep into TWO Zoom Calls per month with the support of an exclusive weekly podcast, a private feed full of resources and support and an exclusive Marco Polo Group just for connecting with other members of the community!  


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About BodyWise Aliveness

We are Cheri and Jen and we are Creators fueled by Curiosity! 

We share where are curiosity takes us through Podcasts, Music, Art and Travel.

"The Ordinary becomes quite Extraordinary through Attention, Sensation and Play!"

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