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Gratitude with special surprises
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I will be giving you special gratitude also will come up with more ways to give back to anyone who can support what I do.

For now You will Get: 

- Shout out at the end of my newest Abridge episode 

-Early Episode Release to Tsurezure Children Abridged

- Early releases of other abridges I do.

- Access to Scripts of Episodes.

- You will get a cute face from Shiro as well. (Cause who doesn't want a cute loli's face??)

Donating to the APLB
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The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB) is an organization that helps people deal with their difficult times. I had talked about this in my video that I wanted to make a dropbox for a month that way people can donate to this organization at the end of the month. You can go directly to their website and donate their if you want as well. I'm ok with that too. Link to them will be below. But the reason for it being here is just how much we can collect together and seeing what my community is about. Please go donate and thank you. You on this tier I keep none of the money. Thank you so much for reading and donating.
Once a month sex readings Live Stream
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This one sounds a little crazy. But basically I'm just going to read stuff like 50 shades and other stuff that I can find. Or do a little show and tell (That'll be a surprise). For me to do this, this is what needs to happen.

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About Boldfish

I have been doing let's plays for 2 years. But on here and my youtube channel. I will be a full time abridger. I will also have a vlog series on my Instagram for my former vlog fans. Also, live videos on youtube. So, get ready for a Bold adventure with Boldfish. I hope you come along, and if you do I will be very grateful! Thank you in advanced! Rewards are below and come with some pretty cool deals for only 1$. C'mon you should have a dollar right? Below is my best abridge work so far.
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Expect a special celebration/ punishment video from me on here.
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