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you will get our periodical zine called a5
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Help us take the Zine Fest to different cities in India and we will send you five limited edition posters and five stickers and an a5 zine. To  legitimize  zines,  not  only  as  radical  historical  footnotes  but  also  as  valid  literary  and  historic  works  worthy  of  collection,  preservation  and  study.                                                It  would  be  an  excellent  opportunity  to  demonstrate  that  zines  can  be  relevant  political  and  educational  tools.                          Self-published  ephemera  like  zines,  handbills,  and  independent  newspapers  can  provide  a  glimpse  into  a  part  of  history  that  includes  the  voices  of  marginalized  individuals  and  groups  which  would  otherwise  be  lost  were  they  not  collected. Since  before  alternative  publications  are  a  natural  and  important  tool  for  preserving  free  speech.
underground bookhouse / zine library
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Support the Underground Bookhouse and we will send you a limited edition poster and a limited edition signed zine. There is a clear gap in the information world. As stated above, most libraries and bookstores keep to the middle of the road. It is very hard to find any materials published outside the mainstream, and especially hard to find materials that have been self-published (zines and factsheets), or non-mainstream periodicals, newspapers and tabloids.
We need more independent bookspaces as a city, we have none. We will be the ones to fix this




per creation


For over 15 years we have been making and sharing zines in Bombay, it has been a difficult journey but we didn't give up because we really really do love zines ! We belive that we heal through community and work closely with the community using art as a medium of empowerment. 
We tried to get a zine library going but really struggled with moneys and had to shut down twice.
That is what brings us here, the love for D.I.Y and the alternative. Support us and help the zine community in India grow.
We want to make a community to contribute to the spreading of radical ideas and action through the distribution of progressive political literature to counter the mainstream misinformation. Make yourself a part of this movement and help in whatever ways you can. 

$23 of $500 per
when we manage to raise $500 per month we will start a freeskul at the zine library where we trade in knowledge . 
(Wanna learn how to book bind ? cool, i will teach you in return for a lesson in basic Tibetan) 
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