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About Bombs and Dollars

Do you want to know what is happening around the world from the eyes and ears of real people--expats, locals, and journalists--who live there and interact with the culture? That's our goal at the news site Bombs and Dollars. It's why we put out reports on the trial against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party in Greecehighlighting intimidation and coercion, when multinational media organizations don't even have reporters covering it. It's why we post summaries of Chinese media, so that you can read and understand the discourse in the world's most influential fast developing country. And we post academic pieces on things like U.S.-Russian policy to give a deeper understanding of the issues.

But publishing costs money, and we don't run advertisements. If you support our goal, would you consider donating a modest amount to help keep B+D running strong? Hosting the website costs $9 a month, and the domain name costs $21 a year, not to mention the time of writing and administrating. If you put up just $1 per month, you will go a long way to helping pay for web hosting. Even better, if you can spare $9 per month, that will cover web hosting fully. All contributions are appreciated.

About Bombs and Dollars
Bombs and Dollars started as a blog in 2008 during the American Presidential Elections, but then due to time shortage, and priorities of its Editors, it was defunct after three successful years. At that point of time, it was just a political blog, with caustic and sarcastic commentary about politics and world affairs in general.

Bombs and Dollars is now relaunched, however, reflecting the maturity of the personal experience of its Editors, who are now early-mid career correspondents, author and academic.

B+D stands to bridge the gap between academia and policy, commentary and opinions, reporting and blogging. There are multiple websites and blogs, some completely academic, some not so much. Publishing op-eds and papers are common. We don’t want to do that.
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