is creating a graphic autobiography about cancer and food.
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About Venus

I am a artist working on a graphic autobiography called "Cooking with Cancer" and have been invited to present my project this summer at the Graphic Medicine 2016 Conference: Stages & Pages, University of Dundee, Scotland, July 7-9, 2016.

Also, I have submitted a proposal to present at University College London’s conference Encountering Pain, July 1 and 2, 2016.

This project was started in July 2014 as my own therapy, while on chemotherapy. I lost my ovaries to cancerous Krukenberg tumors and it is my belief I survived by enforcing a healthy diet and mindset during treatment. Cooking with Cancer has now grown into a collection of short stories, recipes and informative pieces focusing on my experience with cancer and and how food can help beat illness.

My goal with this pledge is to raise funds for travel to London and Scotland this July. While on the trip, I plan to connect with various artists, writers, doctors and researchers whom understand the significance of art and healing. Also I want to meet doctors specilizing in cancer who may be able to shed light on their understanding of my rare tumor growths.

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My goal is to raise funds for travel to London and Dundee, Scotland this July for two medical and humanities conferences.
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