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For the price of a coffee and a croissant, you'll send me out as an online missionary by covering operating costs to run the newsletter, blog & podcasts, so I can write Book #3.

I'll give you monthly VIDEO updates & encouragement of behind the scenes on what I'm learning, so you can glean the wisdom and lessons I'm learning – to apply in your own life!

I'll also share some fun helpful tips like favorite songs that uplift the soul, movies or documentaries that are soul-inspiring, and anything else I come across that is encouraging for the soul. You'll see this, like texts, before they make it to the blog or podcasts!  We'll be Beloved Friends!

Beloved Dreamers
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Like treating a missionary for dinner, you are nurturing me to create online and empowering me to follow God's plans for me as a writer and mentor to over 20,000 women online! And it's GROWING! I have SO many more ideas to serve women through online studies, special podcast series, but these all take money to setup and maintain websites to offer online studies and graphic designers and podcast engineers (I've been doing it all on my own just to test it out and I've gotten GREAT response, so no it's time to really do it "officially" by paying for the services to send it out!)

I want to also nurture and encourage you in your own dreams or calling to be who God wants you to be – and support you in the challenges you face!

You are sending me as an online missionary by covering operating costs to run the newsletter, blog & podcasts, so I can write Book #3.

COMMUNITY MENTORSHIP In addition to the benefits that Beloved Friends receive, I will personally nurture and mentor you on soul care, by doing a monthly gathering, where I will give a monthly prompt and challenge & you can share your what your dreams/goals or your challenges are for the month.

PRAYER REQUESTS I will also share personal prayer requests with you, with behind the scene lessons that I learn, so you can glean from the wisdom I'm picking up on the journey. Many of the lessons I learn don't make it to the blog because they are more personal in nature, but as a Beloved Ministry Prayer Partner, you'll get my personal experiences and lessons learn, so you can apply them to your own challenges and also your own dreams.  

SOUL CARE NOTES I'll also give you notes and articles on what helps me with soul care, so you can enjoy them too - before they reach my public blog! It'll be like I'm texting you things I find in Scripture or studies n the internet that are helpful for me – and I'll text it to you!




Dear Friends,
Since my book Whispers of Rest has released, you have blessed thousands of women all over the world who got the Whispers of Rest Newsletters and also my blog! The great news is that we've grown like crazy with such big blessings in our Whispers of Rest Book Club community ! Through you, Whispers of Rest hit #3 of ALL devotionals *in the world* in! You made this happen!

The need for soul care and rest in our stressed out world has grown our community like crazy! Thousands continue to sign up. But with all this growth and the ministry expanding, I am stepping into a new phase in my ministry!

I need your help to support the cost and operating expenses – because the growth has exceeded my ability to fund this email newsletter and to continue doing the podcasts on my own!

Plus, I've gotten so many readers asking me to create more workshops and resources to address real life issues and challenges they're facing. And I'd LOVE to create more workshops, online studies and special podcasts to help mentor and disciple women to grow spiritually and experience God's presence with deeper intimacy – and feel His peace, love and joy!

So, that's where you can help me!

Help fund one year's worth Newsletter Email Service to deliver my calming, beautiful Beloved Daily Newsletter, my new Coffee Break podcast, online studies, to support me so I can write my Book #3 for you – designed to encourage & cheer women longing to rest and refresh on their 40-day journey reading of Whispers of Rest book by Bonnie Gray – to experience God's peace & presence, as the Beloved.


Please help me keep writing and speaking, by contributing to my monthly expenses and becoming a Beloved Ministry Member! With you sending me to do this work, I won't have to fold up this virtual online coffee shop of encouragement! 'Cuz God is blessings us! Let's not stop!


* I will personally mentor and nurture Beloved Support Community who are partnering with me in ministry. When you contribute, you are sending me as an online missionary to encourage tens of thousands of women.

* I will do a monthly gathering VIA VIDEO for us online to encourage you & pray for what God calling you to do in your life.

* I will give you a VIDEO or AUDIO updates with behind the scenes of the ministry work, so you can also learn from what God teaches me about taking risks to be the Beloved in my ministry (you'll get the inside scoop) & you can pray for me! Because I need your prayers too!

I want to continue creating of sending out the Newsletter Service and creating podcasts – so I can be able to focus on writing book #3 and creating more extra resources like workshops, book clubs, online studies to disciple, mentor and encourage thousands more women this year!

I want to continue my ministry of soul care and whispers of rest because the response has been SO AMAZING to the need for rest in our stressed out world through my videos, writings and book club. Help me send these free resources out into the world, into the hands and hearts who are ready to be blessed. Big time!

Together, with your help, we can send God's message of love and rest into women's hearts, in a special way to give them a cup of hope and joy with God in their everyday lfie.

Thanks for all you've shared to nurture and create this community – and for all your support for this Whispers of Rest. You made the community a REAL blessing and I'm so grateful.

Thank you for considering giving funds, to partner in this ministry with me to make this mission of #WhispersofRest come alive! I love writing stories to refresh your soul. My passion is to encourage you on your journey to nurture your soul, find your spark and shine in all God created you to be: His beloved. I believe God is making something beautiful – in you!
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