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♪ ♫ Hi everyone, it's me, Bonny! ♥

I'm from Germany and currently a student in B.Sc. Psychology. For more than ten years I've been drawing mangacomics - shoujostyle! :D

All my stories are about love, friendship and overcoming issues, that stand in the way of a healthy relationship with others.

Since 2014 I've published some stories here in Germany on my own:

- Tameless Heart 1 (2014)
- Tameless Heart 2 (2016) completed series
- Karten auf den Tisch! 1 (2015)
- Karten auf den Tisch! 2 (2017)
- Karten auf den Tisch! 3 (2018) completed series

- chance (2017) one-shot

I'm translating and updating CARDS on the TABLE and Tameless Heart on Tapas and Webtoon!

For now I'm working on a new series! I'm still on the starting line, so more information, illustrations and pages will be provided over time :)

And I've got so much more stories to tell after that! 8D

And now you can support me! ♥

For me, financing my passion and bringing stories to the world is always a struggle. And constantly worrying about costs and how to pay for prints and conventions is no fun... It's just easier to follow a dream, without stressing around and wondering if it's even worth it in the end. Because success or no success only shows after a long long journey of hard work and perseverance.

But you can help keep my motivation and thrive to do, what I love! ♥

If you like my stuff and want to see more, pledge what you can!
And I focus on drawing, so I can share all my work with you!!

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