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About BookBox

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. We are BookBox :)

We are a social enterprise that innovated the concept of “AniBooks” or animated books to support emergent literacy and language skills. In our conception a “book” is a reading experience that can travel in print and other audio-visual media.

We produce animated stories that are powered by Same Language Subtitling (SLS) a scientifically tested and proven approach to help improve reading skills and language learning, ultimately promoting a love for reading.

AniBooks flow from a simple fact – children love to watch cartoons. Thus, AniBooks are animated stories for children, with the narration appearing on-screen as Same Language Subtitles (SLS). BookBox has so far produced close to 100 AniBooks in over 50 languages (from all over the world) and aims to create sufficient content to, eventually, mount TV programs. See to sample some stories. 

In an AniBook, every word is highlighted in perfect timing with the audio, thus reinforcing reading skills, automatically and subconsciously. SLS is a pedagogically sound and proven technique, with known application in early literacy and second language instruction, innovated and pioneered by our partner non-profit PlanetRead (

Why are we here?
We are here because we want to create a lot more AniBooks that can help children improve their reading skills. In India alone, around 200 million children in the 0-10 age group are being deprived of a children's reading experience. There is a lot that needs to be done for these children in India and around the world. We are committed to creating a ‘book’ for every child in her/his language.

We also believe Patreon is an exciting platform that will help us leverage the passion people have for creating quality content. With over 100 million channel views and abov 400K subscribers on BookBox’s YouTube channel, we are confident our supporters will help us create more AniBooks through Patreon.

Where your money goes?

Your money will help us bear the cost of producing the AniBooks. We have a small but highly dedicated team of project managers, editors, language experts, animators and programmers who are committed to the cause BookBox has taken up. We also work with freelance musicians and voice over artists who are passionate about creating quality content that will make a difference in children’s lives.

Don’t worry about becoming a Patron if you cannot afford it, we know how that feels. You can still help us by just spreading the word among your friends and family. On the other hand, if you can, please do support our campaign and donate as much as you can. We will make sure every penny you donate is worth it! We will be making this AniBook completely free on our YouTube channel. Thanks for everything!                           

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
pay in any currency! As this is US based website, everything is written in Dollars, but you can use any currency and it will be automatically converted.

I don't have much money, can I still become a Patron?
please only sign up to donate what you can easily afford. Even $1 per video we upload will make a huge difference and would be greatly appreciated. 

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
of course! If you can't afford to donate in the future, or you need to donate less that's absolutely fine. You can just log in to change or cancel the account whenever you want.

$13 of $200 per video
YES! Our first GOAL! Once we collect $200 it will allow us to do story-boarding and photo editing for 1 new story every month! Starting with this lovely story "Just the Way I Am" Help us complete this and move on to second goal of making this story come to life! 
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