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Backed by 3-time bestselling author John M. Davis, the Book Commander brand is all about helping new and struggling authors FREE OF CHARGE. Lots of people have the dream of writing a book and seeing it published, but most of those people never realize that dream. The writing/publishing industry is confusing and ruthless and most of the people in the industry want to see you fail. That's not us.

We're sick of watching industry insiders scam would-be authors with a dream. We're tired of seeing the same lists on Google that offer bad tips for new and struggling authors. With over a million words in print and 100,000+ books sold, we know how to get stories published and in front of potential readers. 

For the last few years we've been giving this information away for free, and the figureheads of the publishing industry (who normally sell the same information) have tried to bury us for it. Here at Book Commander we write books, but we do a lot more than that. We publish podcast episodes and short videos that are both informative and entertaining, all for the sake of helping those who need it.

It would be fantastic if Patreon became a small revenue stream for the Book Commander brand. A war chest, if you will, in our fight against the big publishing houses and the gatekeepers of the writing world. Any encouraging email, prayers, or donations are greatly appreciated!
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