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About Ivy, Potatoes, and Rachel

Hey kids! Honestly, I first started up a Patreon because Ivy kept saying "donate to our Patreon!" when we didn't have one. Now we do.

What will donating do?

- Allow us to get Actual Equipment instead of recording hell audio on our laptop mics while using cheap earbuds that leak sound

- Make sure we have the time and resources to keep bringing you a podcast each week

- Possibly let us buy books if they aren't free or at the library

- Let us use a paid hosting service so if we get at all popular your download speeds don't all get Wrecked

We would greatly appreciate any donations, as they make it much easier to sustain Book Snub.
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We all get some sick ass headphones and mics so none of us sound like we're podcasting from a tin can.
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