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About BorMachine

I know I'm still not that of a popular Youtuber/Gmodder. And that's the main reason why [at the moment] I am not able to produce high quality poop on a regular and more frequent basis. Because apart from my YouTube life I also have some real life duties to do which take a lot of time. The most time consuming being my full-time job.

By becoming a Patron, you help me getting closer to a point at which I could change my full-time, to a part-time job. That means I could spend at least 20 hours more per week on my videos. The next step would then be going from part-time to full-time again. But this time, I'm talking about full-time YouTube. Of course, It's still a loooong way to go, but what did Abraham Lincoln once say?
"If they think you dream too big, dream bigger!"

So everything earned through Patreon will be 100% reinvested into my videos!

Also, by becoming a Patron you would receive a ton of Patreon-benefits, and you would also help the whole community by receiving more, better and funnier videos and by getting more "BorMachine"-support from me. Because most of my friends know that I always strive to help and support other people, or future creators of any kind. And who knows, that might bring up a few new fantastic content creators.

So yeah, I know I'm not the most popular Youtuber out there. Or the most popular Gmodder. But I might just be the most popular Heavy-adventure maker in your heart, and that would already be my greatest honor.

And everyone who ever tried to do a short Gmod, or SFM video, knows what amount of valuable time it takes. And I am willing to sacrifice more of my time to work harder on my videos, but that also means I need your support! Even if you can't donate any money: You're already helping me a lot by deactivating your AdBlock when watching my videos, by telling your friends about my channel or by sharing my videos all over the internet!
The patreon rewards start at $1 a month.

I have chosen the "pledge per month" instead of the "per video" option, to ensure continuity in video quality and not just knocking out as many videos as possible. However, I assure you that you will receive at least one video per month on average.

You have proven to me numerous times that you are one of the bestest fanbase one can have. And that's exactly why YOU are already fucking awesome. I know I can count on you my friends.

Many thanks for expressing your confidence in the products delivered by BorMachine Inc.™
$30 of $50 per month
Even more equipment!
Next step would be more RAM for editing, a new graphics card for better performance, new speakers (I still work with a 10 year old, $30 Logitech system) to tune and deliver high quality audio for my videos.
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