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As a BOSH! patron you will get access to our patron-only feed and info on all our latest goings-on. You'll also get our undying gratitude! You'll be helping us create more amazing videos to help the world eat more plants. 
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As a member of the BOSH! Team you'll get exclusive content, including cookalongs and behind-the-scenes access. These videos will be high-quality and exist nowhere else on the web, ever. For your eyes only. As if that weren't enough, we'll also invite you to a monthly group chat where we'll chat with you, answer your questions, hang out. Very cool stuff. 
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Producers will be thanked on one of our BOSH! videos - your name will literally be written on one of our creations, across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and our website. As if that weren't enough, we will send you a completely exclusive BOSH! apron, which can't be found anywhere else! Plus you get all previous rewards. 




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Hey you beautiful people! We are Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, the guys behind BOSH! The creation of BOSH! has been a labour of love for us, borne out of our love for plant-based food and our desire to show the world just how easy it can be to eat vegan. We've had many people express a desire to support us on our journey, so we thought it would be right to allow them to do that. Voila. 

The purpose of this Patreon campaign is simple, to enable both of us to create more, better videos. To help us reach more people with our gorgeously simple vegan meals. And to reduce our dependence on ad revenue. 

Creating the high-quality simple videos we do is expensive and time-consuming. Each video takes us about over a day to make, plus about another half day of researching and testing. 

We currently put 4 to 5 videos out every single week. We see it as our mission to get loads of delicious vegan food in front of people's eyeballs, to help tip the scales away from meat and cheese laden video sites like Tasty, Tastemade or any other such site. 

We've grown to be the biggest plant-based food video channel on the web. But we want to keep growing, and keep putting out even better, higher quality content. With your help, we can do that! 

To thank our patreons, we will be creating custom content for this channel. We'll be offering exclusive content, rewards, and even chat for people who are generous enough to become patrons of BOSH!.

Check out our rewards, we've gone all out to offer some really cool ways to get involved. And every single patron will get access to our exclusive content, such as cookalongs and behind-the-scenes access. 

Welcome to our table. It's all plants. And everyone's invited!

x Henry and Ian
$11 of $1,000 per month
Right now we're super-swamped getting our videos out, so they tend to come out as and when we are ready. If we are lucky enough to reach $1000 per month, we will be able to enlist a part-time editor to help to get us to a regular 5 videos per week, every week, without fail. So you can cook a BOSH! meal every night if you like! 
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