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What is Bottom of the Mainstream?
Bottom of the Mainstream, or BotM for short, is a podcast cooked up by its hosts Sacha & Aneesh in early 2015. For every single week since April 20, 2015, we have been talking about pieces of pop culture, crazy queens and RuPaul's Drag Race, and the hard-hitting political issues of our times. We're queens for the people, and we want to talk about the things you were thinking about but maybe didn't get the chance to tell anyone yet.

Okay, so who are you, then?
Sacha (@sashyenka) is a Portuguese language specialist and audiovisual producer. Sometimes described as an old man in training, analytical, literal and easy to pull a prank on, behind on the pop culture times, always looking to dig into the details of what’s going on in the world and the things around him. A white gay man, but perpetually working through how to not be one of those white gays.

Aneesh (@neeshiminaj) is a Phoenix radio personality on the Morning Mess on LIVE 101.5 (with which our podcast is unaffiliated), where you can hear him banter and keep it real with fellow on-air personalities each morning. Dedicated to giving back to the community, working with LGBT organizations, charities, and public campaigns that serve the youth, feed those in need, promote sexual health, and much more. Loud, gay, Indian, and proud to give a voice to an underserved community.

I thought the podcast was free.
The podcast is and will always be free for everyone to listen to! Think of our Patreon as extra perks. A tipping jar, if you want. Buy us a coffee.

Right, about that. Why Patreon?
We want to connect with you even further and be able to offer you fun and nice things for your continued support of the show. Whether you've been listening since the beginning or you just started binging our episodes, you are awesome in our eyes! But we're a two-person operation, so while it's easy to get episodes up each week, it's going to take a little extra coffee to take it even further. Your donations will help us recoup the cost of hosting the podcast as well as the time and resources that go into recording and posting it each week, as well as getting new designs and fun perks ready for you guys.

I want in on the action! But I don't have much to give.
Don't have any spare cash? Don't worry! The podcast will always be free to subscribe and listen to. Always. Full stop.

If you have a spare dollah and want to make us hollah, though, know that even $1 goes a long way! There will be exclusive things available to everyone who donates to the show, at all levels. Check out all of the rewards and find what suits you best!

How do your rewards work?
Once you donate, you'll have access to our Patreon-exclusive content right away! Everyone will get access to most of the Patreon feed, and those who join the $2+ groups will have access to all of it. Weekly rewards will go into effect the week after your donation is received, and monthly rewards will start the month after.

We're so happy to have you listening, whether you're donating to the show or not! We hope that you'll enjoy some of the things we have planned out for you around here, there will be more to come in the future! Otherwise, we'll catch you next Monday, except if it's on Tuesday.
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